1 Month, 'Unlimited' Lessons
  • 1 Month, 'Unlimited' Lessons
  • 1 Month, 'Unlimited' Lessons
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Private Lessons - Monthly Subscription

'Unlimited' lessons for the month. You'll have access to a wide variety of hand drum lesson subjects to study including Tabla, Kanjira, Snare Drum, Quads, Marching Bass Drum, Riqq, Lunga, Gungon, Atsimevu, Frame Drum, Tala Systems... You will also learn how to tune, maintain, and repair your instrument, and more!

First hour is free before committing!**Refer a friend for a free month!


  • Age 5+

  • Student can enroll in a maximum of 3 hours of lessons per week, customized and arranged by the student's choosing at the beginning of the subscription.

  • Billing due date is the 1st of every month. Your first month will be prorated. (Exclude: Mondays, Holidays, and some other days)

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